Book a family photo day

Are you looking for an easy fundraising activity, that your families love and requires the minimum of effort?
For over a decade we’ve been running Family Photo Days as a unique fundraiser for local schools and voluntary organisations in and around South Buckinghamshire.
The events offer up to 20 families per day the chance to get studio quality photographs in the relaxed, familiar environment of your hall, and review and purchase them online with zero pressure and no administration required from you.
In 2005 we set up a contemporary portrait business (Simon Patrick Photography) to serve the local NCT groups and that grew to working with many local schools and charities. Most of our work is with families and children, using our mobile studio set-up to run sessions in local school and village halls at weekends.

“A very belated thank you for all your hard work last week! I have had such positive feedback & compliments about your efforts. I have spoken to so many delighted families at Danesfield who are thrilled by your photos. We discussed the huge popularity of the event at the PTA – we would really like to book you again every year about the same time!”

Pat MacDonald – Organiser, Danesfield School

How it works
Before the event we provide you with all the publicity material needed to promote the day. You’ll need to distribute those as emails or print them as flyers.
We will handle the booking of sessions through our website, and we charge £15 for a 20 minute sitting (we deliberately keep them fast and fun, but in that time we’ll get 50-80 photos).
You get £5 of that booking fee, plus 10% of any sales. Depending on how many families attend it’s usually several hundred pounds commission for you. If you’re happy to handle the bookings too you can keep £10 of each sesson fee instead – so you’ve often got £200 before the event even begins.
On the day we need to get into the venue about an hour before, and many groups organise someone to be there to welcome families, but we can manage that too if you prefer to just open and lock up.
After the event the photos are available within about five days on our secure viewing site, run by Europe’s leading online photo service. Prints are ordered directly from there, and are as little as £10 each, or even less for digital copies. We take payment there and they are dispatched directly, there’s nothing you have to do, we handle it all.

For more information please read our Family Photo Day info pack

To discuss available dates, book us in or ask any questions give Simon a call on 01494 637724 or email